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dry aged beef

What does dry aged beef mean?

Dry aged beef is meat which has been hung to dry for many weeks. Following when the animal is slaughtered and cleaned, possibly a whole half will likely be hung or prime cuts (big distinct portions) are going to be put into a cooler, also called a "hot box". This method entails substantial expense because the meat has to be stored close to freezing temperatures. Also, just the higher grades of beef may be dry aged, because the procedure calls for meat having a large, consistently distributed fat content. Therefore one rarely encounters dry aged beef beyond steak restaurants and high-end butcher shops. The main element of dry aging is the concentration of the flavor.

G. Burbick Farms offers dry aged beef that is hung for 21 days. We believe that this offers the best taste and tenderness to the meat. Combining that with the fact that we're raising grass fed beef it ensures you the highest quality beef in the area.
dry-aged beef

The procedure changes beef by two means. Initially, moisture is evaporated from the muscle. This results in a higher concentration of beef flavor and taste. Next, the beef's normal enzymes break up the connective tissue within the muscle, which results in much more tender beef.

Dry aging of beef is uncommon in supermarkets in the USA these days, because of the substantial reduction of weight in the aging process. It can be found in steakhouses and upper-class restaurants.

The entire process of dry aging beef generally also encourages the development of particular fungal (mold) varieties around the exterior surface of the beef. This doesn't trigger spoilage, but in fact forms an exterior "crust" about the meat's surface area, that is cut away once the meat is ready to cook. These fungal varieties enhance the organic enzymes within the meat by assisting to tenderize and boost the quality of the meat flavor. The genus Thamnidia, specifically, is recognized to create collagenolytic enzymes which significantly bring about the tenderness and taste of dry aged meat.

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Since 1905, our family has farmed Burbick land in Columbiana County. Greg Burbick began raising cattle in 1996, with the goal of producing beef with consistent taste and tenderness. We strive to achieve these results through traditional Genetics, Feed and Processing. The grass fed beef cattle are raised with no antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

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