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Bulk Beef

The advantages of buying beef in bulk

Purchasing meat in large quantities is usually a superb deal, although not for everybody. Investing in a side of beef is a great option if you like to prepare food, you consume a lot of beef, you've got space for storage, and top quality is very important to you.

The benefits of purchasing in bulk consist of:

  • Superior quality meat Grocery store meat is aged 5-7 days. G. Burbick Farms dry-ages beef for 21 days for consistent taste & tenderness
  • Uniformity of product - Industrial ground beef is usually created utilizing meat from a multitude of animals. Whenever you purchase a side, the ground meat is created from just one animal, which reduces the chance of contamination.
  • Support of community business - I prefer the belief that purchasing beef from your nearby rancher permits me to support him, and also to support the meat packer that processes the animal.
  • Consistent pricing - Simply because you are purchasing your beef all at one time, it's very easy to budget your expenses for an extended time period.
  • Fewer visits to the supermarket - In addition, you will no longer need to plan your dinners around what's on sale.
  • Meat is packed for freezing - If you purchase large volumes in the supermarket, you have to repack the meat to freeze it. When you buy a side of beef, this is accomplished for you.
  • Superb pricing - Purchasing a side of beef can help you save money more than normal supermarket prices. Nonetheless, it's possible to spend less in the supermarket by watching for sales.

G. Burbick Farms works to keep the ordering process simple and direct. When you call the farm in Columbiana, Ohio we'll help you decide what the best options are for you. When you decide to enjoy meat from animals raised on pasture, you're helping the well-being of the animals, making an effort to stop environmental deterioration, supporting small-scale ranchers and farmers earn a living through the land, helping maintain farm communities, and providing your household the most healthy possible meals. It's actually a win-win-win-win scenario.

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Since 1905, our family has farmed Burbick land in Columbiana County. Greg Burbick began raising cattle in 1996, with the goal of producing beef with consistent taste and tenderness. We strive to achieve these results through traditional Genetics, Feed and Processing. The grass fed beef cattle are raised with no antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

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