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Take Care of Your Grill this Summer

During the summer there is nothing more enjoyable to food lovers everywhere than firing up the gas grill and creating some delicious meals, such as steaks, burgers, chicken, or even healthy home-grown vegetables. Keeping that grill in good shape is, therefore, paramount to happy outdoor barbecues and family gatherings. As you will be using your grill more often this season, it is crucial to keep it clean. When you leave residue from your last meal on the grates, it will burn the next time you light the grill. The charred bits are not suitable for your health as they contain amino acids and chemicals that you do not want to be exposed to.

A dirty grill can also be a significant fire hazard. Grease fires are the primary source of meat destruction, and they are a definite way to ruin your nice grill. The grease tray is there to keep grease from dripping but if you allow it to build up the result is not in your favor. We all know an outdoor grill is not going to clean or take care of itself. It takes effort on your part to keep them running use after use.

Here are some helpful steps to keep your grill in great shape:

Tip 1: After grilling your favorite meal (once you removed all the food to a platter, of course) keep the grill turned on. Turn it up and let all the bits of meat burn to a crisp. After everything cools, you will be able to scrape them off the grill grate. Cleaning the grate when it is warm (not hot) will be easier to clean debris before it all cools off. If you do not do this, the next time you turn on the grill, you will be dealing with the remains of the previous meal. That won't taste good. However, if you forget to clean after a meal you can clean right before you put your next choice of beef or chicken on.

Tip 2: Clean your grease tray weekly, or at least after every time you use the grill. Once the tray is cooled off, you can wipe off the dirt and soak it in warm water with soap before rinsing and drying it.

Tip 3: Look underneath the grill… if you have storage space for pans, spatulas, and the propane tank, food drippings and debris can quickly become an issue (no matter the quality of your grill). Clean out that storage area regularly, keeping everything neat and ready for the next steak or burger.

Tip 4: Do not ignore the exterior of the grill. Washing the outside with warm, soapy water keeps grime from building up.

Tip 5: When not in use, put a cover over it. With warmer weather, it can leave the grill exposed to outdoor elements. Keeping the grill under a quality cover can add years of life to your trusty outdoor cooking partner.

Now that you know how to keep your grill clean, you will be able to cook G. Burbick Farms products as many times as you would like.

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